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Monday, January 30, 2017

What if? Some random thoughts

1.What if Thomas Alva Edison hadn't invented the electric bulb? Would I be sitting at my computer today, and writing this? Or would there have been some other way, some other person perhaps, who would have invented something similar, and I would be doing this anyway?

( Image source-Google)

2. What if there was no chocolate?(!?)

3. What if I could close my eyes, visualise exactly where I want to be, at any point in the day, and get there - Simply by thinking it through?

4. What if children didn't have to 'beg'?

 Anywhere in the world?

And got enough food, education and a loving home to grow up in?

5. What if there was a 'secret place' where we could all retreat to? Where no one could even think of looking?Simply to be alone, think things through, and re-surface rejuvenated.

And go back again, as soon as or whenever we wanted to?

6.What if  everyone could live to be a hundred years old?

7.What if everyone loved animals and took care of them the way they ought to ?

8.What if the roads didn't develop huge bumps during, and well after the monsoons were over?

9.What if babies never woke up parents, or cried at night?

10.What if people stopped using plastic bags -forever?

11. Finally, what if wishes were horses?

Then we all know that beggars would ride.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Magic of Photo Apps

Let's say that I ordered a cup of coffee at my favourite coffee shop last week. If I know one thing about the coffee at that place, is that it's always spot on and made exactly the way that I like it - hot, very strong and with a nice design drawn on its surface. But this time it was even better, for it had a ‘smiley face’ on it. 

So of course the lure of clicking it instantaneously was irresistible, and I succumbed. A few great photographs later, I sat back satisfied, finished the coffee and went on with the rest of the day.

Sometime later that evening, when I looked at it, I remembered that I’d been presented with an iTunes Gift card by my daughter Neha and quickly downloaded a few free photo apps, in addition to purchasing a few. And that was how my journey into the magic world of photo apps commenced. A month lat-er, I must have spent a few hundred hours experimenting with photographs that I’d clicked earlier, with some truly amazing results!

Image courtesy- Apps Blog

For instance, if I take you back to that original smiley faced cup of coffee, it's now travelled through exotic places such as the Niagara falls, Paris and Australia. Going one step further, I then managed to take that same photograph and put it up on the wall of a conference room where US President Obama and his aides had just settled down to a meeting.

Sounds unreal? Well, let me assure you that all of the above and much, much more is now possible via the magic world of Photo Apps. Try it and once you get a taste of it, I strongly suspect that like me, many of you might get hooked onto it for life! So to help you get started, here are a few of my best ones - iPhoto, Pixlromatic, Pic Collage, Dyptic frames and Adobe PS Express. 

Of course, there is a whole wide world out there and once you really start with it, you will fine-tune many of your personal favourites. But do remember to write in as I’d love to know more about them too.

NB- This piece is an excerpt from an article originally written for my column 'My Take' in the Muscat Daily