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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

OYO Rooms Review-A memorable weekend with OYO Premium EOK, New Delhi

'We aim to change the way people stay away from home', said the tagline for OYO, India's largest network of branded hotels and I knew I would have an exciting means of finding out exactly how true that statement when I received an e mail from Indi Blogger informing me that I was one of the 5 chosen ones in New Delhi for the OYO Premium experience on the 30th of May.  Sounded exciting and I glanced through the well planned and detailed programme for the day.Starting with the check in at the Oyo Premium EOK ( East of Kailash) at 2 pm, we were supposed to explore the area around and tweet a series of photographs with the hashtag-#OYOxplorer and # Delhi. 

Right after check in -A  glimpse of my room and balcony

A quick background check and I learnt that OYO Rooms is India’s largest network of branded hotels. It currently operates in 16 major business and travel destinations including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Goa, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Manesar, Neemarana, Kolkata, Varanasi and many more to come. OYO Rooms offers an unmatched proposition to its consumers at affordable prices that start at Rs 999. 

As a brand, OYO promises every customer a comfortable stay that includes an AC room, complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi with 24/7 customer service support. Hotel owners who partner with OYO Rooms see a significant increase in occupancy levels and become a part of the brand that is recognized and loved.

Currently, the company is under the 'invest-and expand mode', and has attracted two rounds of PE funding already. OYO's traction and market coverage has swiftly increased because of being listed with travel aggregators like Make My Trip, Clear trip and Effectively, OYO doesn't own any of these properties, and instead, invests in marketing and management quality improvement for the hotels under its fold-Truly a win-win for OYO as well as the hotels.  

Check out
My room-Spacious and comfortable with an attached balcony 

Saturday, the 30th (May) afternoon, an extremely hot and muggy day in New Delhi, saw me checking in at the OYO Premium, EOK. The venue is a comfortable, economical and safe stay option located in a peaceful residential locality in the heart of south Delhi with a number of markets and restaurants close by. 

As  it turned out, I was the first to arrive and that was probably the reason I was given the key to Room 110 on the first floor, which I loved from the moment I walked in. A quick welcoming Cappuccino and I was refreshed enough to survey my surroundings. With an attached bath as well as a balcony, I couldn't have asked for more.

Some time later I was invited to join the others at the Reception. I was introduced to the others Supriya and two gentlemen, Gaurab and Vikas. Our tasks for the day were to commence shortly and we were all told to head out and start posting the 15 selfies( e.g- Check in at OYO, Standing in front of a well known Delhi monument, a pic with those in uniform, etc.

Supriya and I decided to pair up and go about our sightseeing together as did the two gentlemen. In retrospect, this was something that worked well as we were really good company for each other.

 I'm now going to take you sequentially through our activities for the OYOXplorer and the OYO Rooms Review so that you can see and share most of the things that we did. Starting with my first visit to the ISKCON temple, followed by the stunning Bahai Lotus Temple, and dinner and dessert 
 at the very 'hip and happening' Epicuria Food Mall at the Nehru Place Metro Station, the afternoon as well as the evening, were a whirlwind of discovery and activities.  

My first visit to ISKCON Temple, New Delhi

ISKCON Temple Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Mandir, generally known as the ISKCON Delhi temple, is a well-known Vaishnav temple of Lord Krishna and Radharani in the form of Radha Parthasarathi. It is located at Hare Krishna Hills and the distance from OYO Premium East of Kailash is  1.7 km.

Following the norms laid down, we took a cycle rickshaw to the venue and had an interesting chat cum photo session with our rickshaw wallah. 

Inside a cycle rickshaw and loving it!

With our friendly rickshaw wala, Rajesh

The entrance to the ISKCON Temple 
As I stood there, a flock of birds suddenly flew overhead

Teatime snacks at the Govinda Cafe 

A Keepsake

Our next stop was the Bahai Lotus Temple which we reached buy an auto rickshaw.The Lotus Temple, is a Bahá'í House of Worship. Notable for its flower like shape, it serves as the Mother Temple of the region and has become a prominent attraction in the city. The Lotus Temple has won numerous architectural awards and been featured in hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles. 

Waling to the temple on that very hot afternoon, I felt a wave of dizziness pass over me and had to sit for a while in order to feel fully functional again.Having said that, once we were inside that magnificent structure and seated on the comfortable wooden benches, it was as if all the heat and humidity outside melted away. As I sat there with my eyes closed, the delicious cool breeze that wafted through the temple walls had an extremely calming effect and I clearly remember dozing , albeit briefly.

The Lotus Temple shimmers in the hot afternoon

And then it was time to head back to a well deserved 'Masala Chai' back at OYO Premium. This is what we thankfully returned to and sat sipping that wonderfully calming brew in the downstairs lobby.

Relieved to be back in the cool interiors 

Loved the cool and fresh look

Sunset from my balcony

After a shower and another Masala chai, I decided to head to the Epicuria Mall for my dinner and dessert and was really glad that I made the effort. Take a look at the photographs just below and you will see how my evening panned out. 
Dinner at Sona- in the Epicuria Food Mall 

Feel that Saturday night buzz?

Love the look- Walking up from La Opera 

The Epicuria Mall from outside

At La 'Opera for a Latte and dessert

Back at the hotel by 1030 pm, I reconnected with family and checked my Twitter feed to see if I was satisfied with what I'd posted through that afternoon and evening. Satisfied that I hadn't overdone the 'selfies', I watched some TV before turning in for the night.

A relaxed morning the next day, an indulgent breakfast and a quick trip to the beauty parlour in the neighbourhood and I was ready to check out.

Breakfast next morning

An indulgent breakfast 

A relaxed Sunday morning 

Thanking the  GM, Mr Niruka who has been managing the property for the last few years I made my way back home. It was going to be a busy rest of the weekend and we had an engagement ceremony to attend that evening.

Did I enjoy my day out with OYOxplorer? 

A definite yes!

Would I do it any differently? 

Yes, I'd seriously reconsider setting up such an event in the peak of summer .

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