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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flowers to make you happy

I am convinced that one of the easiest way to make oneself happy is to go and look at flowers. They are just so....

And any word you can think of is probably the right one to fit in here.

But even better, why dont you make someone else happy by gifting them flowers?

Take it from me, that is really the best present you can give.

Try it and see...the rewards can be something that will wrap you up in a warm glow for a long, long time...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Imagine, a street called...Suneinah....

Suneinah Street, PDO heights

Coming from India, one is well used to the idea of streets being named  after VIP's and celebrities. And therefore, tend to take it in one's stride.

But truth can sometimes be stranger than fiction, for I've actually discovered a street called 'Suneinah', right here in Muscat.

Its a lovely little street, up in PDO heights and I've managed to click some closeup shots too.

So here's it is....

Presenting 'Suneinah Street' for all of you. ...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Ostrich farm

Sometime back we headed to Barka to check out some interesting picnic spots there. En route, we decided to make an unplanned detour to the Ostrich farm which we had last seen a few years ago. 
Methinks he smiles

Going off road, we could see that the approach to the farm was still pretty much the same as was the ruggged terrain all around. Must say we were all excited and anticipating some interesting sights... you see we had the advantage of having been there, done it earlier.

That was when we noticed that things had changed and how! For one, the farm was now much bigger and better than beforeand there  there were entry tickets as well. Topping it was the fact that we were given a neatly typed sheet of paper with facts about ostriches that we obviously didn't know earlier.

Parking and then getting off the vehicle we saw that there number of ostriches had also increased significantly. The best part was that they all really looked like happy families, as they stood in groups. If one let one's imagination run a little wild then one could actually see them engaged in some 'serious conversation' with each other.  
Just look at those eggs!
We really did have a good time that morning and all of this in temperatures well above 40 degrees!

But I have saved the best for the last, for these are what we bought on our way out from there.

You guessed right, these are real ostrich eggs and yes, ostriches certainly lay the largest eggs in the world.An omelette for breakfast anyone?