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Friday, April 1, 2011

Try, try and you will succeed. A lesson re-learnt from two little boys

Delighted with his find

Many, years ago I read a story of Robert Bruce of Scotland and the spider.From what I recall, the Earl had been fighting the English for a very long time and at one point, he was at his wits end-would he ever manage to defeat his enemies?

Then one day in Rachrin, off the Irish coast while he sat terribly troubled in a small cottage where he was in hiding, he witnessed something that was to give him a new lease of life and victory. It was just something as small and inconsequential as a spider trying to spin a web and move from one beam to the next.He watched the spider try six times and fail in each of those attempts.He told himself, were the spider to succeed then he too would be able to fight the English, yet again, and win this time.( for he too had tried and failed six times already.) 

And miraculously, the seventh time the spider was lucky! 

His web held and he was able to
Try, Try and Try again
And they really did- Succeed!
get across to the next beam.And that was all that Robert Bruce needed.Never looking back from the next day on wards, he went on to become King Robert Bruce of Scotland.

Something similar was witnessed by me some time back afternoon and I think the photographs will really tell you  the story.

After finding this piece of thermacol, this  little boy and his friend, tried, tried and then some more, before they were able to ride these waves and how!

A lesson that I re-learnt, nothing ever really comes easy, ask those who have failed and then succeeded...


Louisa Matheny said...

I just stumbled across you blog and love it! It's so clever! You're such a good writer.

Sunaina Serna Ahluwalia said...

Many thanks and much appreciated, Louisa!