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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Al Sawadi beach, a great day out

Al Sawadi Beach
One of the best ways to plan a great day out is to head to a beach which is meant 'just for you'. And the Al Sawadi beach in Oman certainly qualifies as that!

A solitary boat

With lovely white sand, water which is almost transparent, fishing boats to take you where-ever  you want and miles and miles of walking space, this is a spot to which you can go to again and again, and enjoy it differently each time.

At a distance of just over 150 kms or so from Muscat, Al Sawadi lies within easy driving distance and the route itself is a very well planned  one. To top it all, there is a four star hotel resort there as well, so if you want to plan an overnight trip, well that poses no problem too.

So the next time, youre looking for a place to chill out and relax, try Al Sawadi.I'm quite sure that you will find yourself returning there for many more trips...... 

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Sudeep said...

Nice photos...Thanks for posting..