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Saturday, May 22, 2010

My favourite walk

We all have places where we particularly like to walk.Topping all of those, is "one particular place."

Well this is my favourite walk in the

This is the wlak from the Deepak mess in Chotta Shimla leading upto NAv Bahar,and passing CJM schooland the St Bedes College.About 4 kms of pure, unadulterated beauty and lush green forests.

And for that particular element of intrigue and excitement, there is a lovely cemetry to boot.Just the kind of a place where its very possible for a priest to suddenly materialize out of the thick mist, saying "My child."..

Whenever we visit Shimla,we try and do this walk at least once, if not twice every day.And even when I'm at home, here, all I need to do is look at the numerous pics taken over the years and I can easily imagine myself walking there.

So very clearly in my minds eye, that I sometimes wonder....How 'really real' can one's imagination conjure things up?

Then realize that there are absolutely no limits to one's imagination...

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