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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Bold and the Beautiful

It's been over twenty years,and this is the one soap that I'm still watching!
In fact, is got such a hold of me that I find it very difficult if I've missed a couple of episodes and don't know what transpired.

Ridge, Brooke, Taylor,Thorne,Eric, Stephanie, Bridgette and Dominic are among the many interesting  characters whose lives and loves are intertwined and seem to converge and diverge over the years. One just happens to fall in love and then marries the other, and while taking their vows, swears it's "going to be forever".

Some time later that's not the case any more.And so they don't ride happily ever after into the sunset....

Three generations and almost twenty five years old and the programme still continues to hold the attention of viewers (like me) worldwide.It's almost as if I know all the  characters on a 'one on one' basis, and look forward to seeing what new twist and turn the next episode is going to bring.One has actually laughed when they have laughed, cried when they have and felt the pangs of separation when  two lovers have had to separate.

Must add here that one of the highlights of  this soap is the meticulously crafted and very 'real' sets that have been used. We actually seem to know the home that has been Eric and Stephanie's  or then the log cabin up in Big Bear, or even the Cafe Ruse that has been used for so many coffee dates...

For all the criticism that I've heard about the sometimes impossible/unlikely  happenings in the soap, I say, what's the big deal? For I simply love the twenty five minutes a day, five days a week that the Bold and Beautiful gives me.

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