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Friday, February 20, 2009

What is it about a place of worship?

What really is it about a place of worship that provides a sense of peace and calm to all who visit?
Whether on occasion, or then on a regular basis?

Something that goes beyond what can be just easily explained in simple words, because it is something which comes from 'within'.

Ask any individual to explain what he/she feels inside their place of worship- temple, fire temple mosque, gurudwara , synagogue and you will come up with a whole of reasons....For sometimes it is to thank their lord, at other times it may be to ask for something.

Or then at other times, simply to be 'a part of a larger community' that believes in something.However one may choose to define it.
For all of us are social animals and that itself, is the basis of this particular way of 'bonding'.

But then as some others say, that in every man/woman, resides their God.Well that too is a way to worship.Each to their own.

As long as this faith and prayer takes us through.
To another day, week, year....

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