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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Parents- Random thoughts

Even at my age, I still feel like a 'child' when I'm with my parents.
Because just being with them, makes me feel safe and comfortable.

Just like I used to as a child.

Particularly after I'd insisted on seeing a horror movie, when I was much to young to see it.Then feeling scared at night, thinking that all the ghouls and monsters would "get me".... ..just like they'd 'got' the characters in the movie I'd seen.

Or then one night when I had this terrible, terrible pain in my stomach in the middle of the night and my father rushed me to the doctor, and I was secure in the knowledge that he would make me get better.

Which is what really did happen then.

Or then, when I'd not done as well as I'd liked to have done in my Class 10 pre boards, and my mother told me that it really was 'inconsequential'.
As I would definitely do better in the finals...

And just that reassurance, coming as and when it did, really made me do it. ...Magically perform so much better...

So many more thoughts, it's just that today I could think of these.

As we approach the Golden Jubilee of my parents in a couple of days..

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