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Monday, June 8, 2015

Taking my World With me in the Renault Lodgy- An exciting Weekend in Goa

Think about Goa and what does the mind's eye conjure up? Most likely the beach will be top of the list. However, the fact is that there’s a lot more to Goa than sun, sand and surf.Green and clean, rich in natural beauty, topped by stunning views, a relaxed way of life and  delicious cuisine, its always a good time to visit Goa.

Blue, Green and Beautiful Goa

(Image Courtesy-Wallpapers

So when I checked BlogAdda site and found this very interesting opportunity to possibly spend some time in Goa during the amazing weekend trip for the #LiveLodgycal Drive from 19th to 21st June, I realised that its  clearly  going to be one experience that I just don’t want to miss! Topping it would be the fact that for me it would be a great way to experience Goa for the first time ever and come back with memories to last a lifetime.

Technically, our world is the Earth, but the definition of ‘My World’ differs from person to person. These are the things which matter most to a person and according to the brief for this campaign, I've been asked to talk about my Top 5 things, primarily those which I'd find difficult to live without.So keeping in mind the fact that its the peak of summer, I'm going to try and define them  accurately.

Inseparable- Me and my large handbag 

The first one on my list is this large brown handbag that you see me carrying in the photograph above. Its a travel staple and one that functions as a carry all. From my bottle of water to some snacks, my make up kit, a shawl or scarf as the case might be and even a change of clothes, this bag can do it all! The other factor that adds to its charm is that it looks smart, is highly durable and I can and have taken it everywhere I go on an outstation trip.
My I Phone 5S

Then we come to my trustworthy and 'always with me' I Phone 5S. If I was to be really honest, I really don't think that I could last even one 1
( whole) hour without it. With over a 100 Apps, and the ability to do just about anything I want to do, this phone has proved to be a lifeline for me more than once, Given as a birthday present by my husband last year, this phone gives me hours of happiness so I guess by now you aren't surprised as to exactly why  its a huge part of 'My World'.

My Sun hat and dark glasses

Last month I bought myself this new pair of sunglasses and a hat. Since then both these items have become indispensable. For those of you who are familiar with the wrath of the summer sun in New Delhi, its probably easy for you to understand. Must add here that I have a have a real problem with exposure to the sun, so while some of you who need a higher dose of Vitamin D might think otherwise, for me, both these items are 'must haves' in the very real sense.

Last but not the least on my list would be a pair of blue jeans. These are something that I can team up with any kind of shirt/jacket/coat/etc and make a new outfit each time. Can I do without them? 

Seriously  NO...
A pair of comfortable blue jeans

Now a little bit about the all new Renault Lodgy, a spectacular looking car which will redefine what comfort travel is all about.
The All new Renault Lodgy

(Image Source- Auto

The Renault Lodgy has a massive boot space of 207 litres, expandable to 1861 liters, and can carry a whole chest of books, a gaming console, a set of speakers and so much more. If it’s entertainment you can’t live without, then you can connect your phone to the Medianav System and have your fun on the go! Can’t bear to be parted from your smart phone for any length of time? The mobile charger will ensure that your phone never runs out of juice. And if your world resides in your family, you can take all of them with you with ease, courtesy of the 7-8 seater Renault Lodgy.

Of course, no journey is complete without food and drinks, so you can carry your favourite food and drinks without the fear of spilling with the cup holders and luxurious flight trays.

Comfort-You only have to open the door to see how practical the Renault Lodgy is. Very spacious with up to 7 full-size seats over three rows. Its modular loading volume is unbeatable with folding 2nd and 3rd row bench seats. With climate control to the 30 L of storage space located around the vehicle, comfort for all on board is ensured.

Technology-When it comes to equipment, the new Renault Lodgy has even more to offer. Enjoy fingertip control of the MediaNAV multimedia system thanks to its 7-inch touchscreen. Parking is child's play, with the rear parking aid. Keep control over fuel consumption with the Eco mode and zip off for a smooth and easy ride.

With overall safety and relaxation ensured, you can now - travel safely and let the new Renault Lodgy take care of you. Their  experts have done their utmost to ensure the safety of all.

I will conclude on that on that note but not before saying that I just cant wait for an opportunity to experience the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa as well as experience the all new Renault Lodgy up close and very personal. 

I’m participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association withBlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.