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Friday, June 19, 2015

My Dad My Hero- A Fathers Day Special

Memories-Waking up in agony and crying with an acute stomach pain at night. I must have been about 7 years old and we lived in Calcutta at the time.

My dad came rushing in from his bedroom and asked me what the problem was. All I could manage to say  was, " My stomach is paining Pop.Very badly."

As it happened that day, our car was at the garage for some major repair and we had no means of transport. It must have been 2 am but my father didn't hesitate. He just picked me up and ran. 

Ran in the middle of the night for almost 1 km, till he reached the home of our family doctor, a Dr. Mrs. Pai. Ringing the bell with quiet determination, yet ensuring that I was doing OK, my dad became a real hero in my eyes that day.

What followed was not quite as exciting. As it turned out, I had a case of severe indigestion ( not appendicitis) as my parents had thought initially, and after a dose of medication and a quiet lie in, Dr Pai drove us back home.

It was about 6 am by then after which my dad proceeded with his normal day's routine- got ready for the office,and worked a whole busy day while I rested at home waiting for him to return.

A bond was forged that day and one that continues till today. 

My dad- about 5 years ago

Of course my dad did all the normal things that dads do for their children.He held my hand as I learnt to walk. He picked me up when I was low. He cared for me when I was sick. He gave me a warm and loving hug whenever I needed it. 

Over and above, he also did some more interesting things such as accompany me for my night shift at the General Overseas Service( GOS) at All India Radio where he would sit in the newsroom watching, listening to and making interesting conversation with all the famous newsreaders of the time.  

A more recent pic with my Dad-H S Serna 
Incidentally, I must point out here that my father was the ONLY parent ever permitted to enter the "secure zone" of All India Radio . The reason, he didn't want to deprive me of a wonderful opportunity to experience the life of an English Announcer( which I only did on a part time basis while still studying at the Indian Institute of Mass Communications). Yet he wanted to ensure that I was safe and that all was well.

Makes me wonder as I sit and write this, how many other dads would have done this for their daughter? I really don't know of even one other such dad.

I could go on and on- my dad told me and my brother interesting stories inculcated a love for the fine things in life- coffee, chocolates, eating out and enjoying being 'foodies' wherever we traveled and so much more.

Cut to the present

In Sep 2013, and then again in November of that same year, my mother had to undergo a major surgery. We were in Muscat while my brother Navtej lives in the UK. While fully abreast with all that was happening on a daily basis, we had planned to come to Delhi closer to the surgery and then stay on as required. Goes without saying, my dad had to bear the entire brunt of the pre op tests- of which there must have been at least 20, finalising the admission procedures, along with a hundred other misc. things that go towards making the entire package of what surgeries have come to mean in the modern day world.

Finally all that was done and over, the date for the first surgery was set in September and we reached well in time for the operation. My husband Avi and I spent our time with my dad during the procedure and realised that he was in acute mental stress. Giving him a tight hug, both of us told him that all would be well, it was a mere matter of time. ( As it turned out, all went well at this surgery as well as the second, far more complicated one and my mom is doing fine now.)

We saw his eyes well up with tears and while he quickly brushed them away, he hugged us back and said, "I really couldn't have done this without  you,  my bacchas."

An unimaginably poignant  moment and I don't mind admitting that a few tears escaped my eyes too. Here was this strong man, my dad telling us that he couldn't have done it without us.

Sab Time, time ki baat hai..

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.


Anjali Sengar said...

Relationship of father & daughter is so pure & divine :) Daughter is life of a father:) Lovely post..

Sunaina Serna Ahluwalia said...

Thank you Anjali- you are spot on-fathers and daughters do share a very special bond..
Appreciate your thoughts and sentiments.