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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Energizing Life with dance, music and #MaxFreshMove

Just as variety is the spice of life, freshness is the fuel of life. As one of the key factors that keeps us going, it is exactly why we look for freshness in everything from our food to our relationships and jobs.Everyone’s way of bringing this freshness might be different, but the one thing that majority of people will agree with is that there is nothing better than some dance and music to jazz up one's life. Be it unwinding with some music at the end of the day or venting energy in a club by busting some moves, dance and music make us shed our proverbial skin and renew our vigour for life.

When it comes to dance, there’s no one better than Allu Arjun with his fantastic dance moves and Anushka Manchanda accompanying the performance with her vocals, taking it to another league altogether.Allu Arjun is now clearly unstoppable when it comes to keeping the cash registers ringing at the box office. While the stylish star’s previous film 'Race Gurram' has earned more than 60 crores as ticket sales, his recent release,  'Son of Satyamurthy' has touched a share of 50 crores worldwide. This makes him the only actor in the Telugu film industry to have films crossing more than 50 crores back to back. With box office collections becoming the critical metric to measure success and market value of a star, Allu Arjun has huge box office potential.  The actor is currently getting ready to work with Boyapati Sreenu for his forthcoming film, which will go on floors soon.

Energizing life with #MaxFreshMove.
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Discovered on one of the first and most explosive reality shows in India just before she turned 18, Anushka Manchanda is a brand of musician who is individualistic and ever evolving. Born into rock and roll loving family, she started playing the piano at an early age. Picked from thousands of girls across the country to be a part of VIVA, India’s most successful, all-girl band which sold over half a million copies of their first album, her connect with the youth led Channel [V] to sign her on as a VJ, with whom she travelled all over the country shooting for and hosting music based shows. Launched into the Bollywood playback scene with her first super hit song 'Golmaal', she has by now, worked with the top  Indian music directors.

So when I saw the two of them break into an impromptu performance at the T3 Lounge of the Indira Gandhi Terminal at New Delhi recently, it was one of the most exciting happenings in a very long time! With amazing energy and a huge amount of enthusiasm, they performed a series of two song and dance routines and it was almost ten minutes later when the applause from the delighted passengers waiting in the departure lounge finally died down. 

How it started was really very simple. We were on a morning flight from   Muscat to Delhi on Oman Air this May and were informed that there was a delay of about one hour because of an approaching storm near Muscat. Since those weather conditions are quite regular during the months of May and June, there's nothing that anyone can really do about it, but hope for the quickest and minimal damage mode so that the the storm passes and life can go on and ahead in the most expeditious way. My husband and myself had a book each and it wasn't long before we were busy reading Accompanied by a nice Cappuccino which we bought from a nearby Starbucks counter, it seemed the best say to spend that one hour.

All  quiet and peaceful until we felt, rather than heard a flurry of movement and in a matter of minutes it seemed as if almost everybody around us was making a beeline for a corner of the seating area that Oman Air had earmarked in Departure Lounge for our flight. What could be the reason for that excitement , I wondered to myself and reluctantly looked yup from the very exciting PD James murder mystery that I was engrossed in.

That was when I saw them, and clearly understood the reason for that sudden flurry of movement-Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda were right there and by the looks of it getting ready for an impromptu performance! Very exciting I thought to myself and from the looks of it it was clear- all the passengers on our flight thought exactly the same way!

Thereafter we were all treated to a truly exciting performance- Anushka had her guitar and rendered some power packed vocals as Allu Arjun stepped right into that beat and danced...And how!

Did we enjoy ourselves? In a word, totally.

What a wonderful coincidence it was to have Anushka and Allu travelling with us on our flight to Muscat. Normally, a delayed flight is a cause for a fair bit of annoyance  and inconvenience, but if I was to be totally honest about what we experienced by way of that vibrant impromptu concert that morning, this is clearly one delayed flight that we aren't going to forget in a hurry.

In more ways than one...

I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?


Shweta Dave said...

Nice sure you would have enjoyed their performance. all the best for the contest!

Sunaina Serna Ahluwalia said...

Many thanks Shweta!