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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Spectacular Military Music Concert to mark Oman's 44th National Day at ROHM

Colour, pageantry and music at its best
Friday the 7th of November was an unforgettable evening as we saw a spectacular performance of Military Music of Oman at the Royal Opera House Muscat Maidan. This 90 minute performance set the tone for the commencement of Oman's 44th National Day celebrations and it was clear-the sense of pride and delight in what we saw and heard was mirrored in each and every face around us.

Superb music
Over the past few decades, the  military bands  and music of Oman  have already established  for themselves  a worldwide  reputation.Add to it the magnificent backdrop of the Royal Opera House Maidan and the cutting edge light and sound facilities it has to offer, Oman  presented a fabulous event, the like to which is probably un paralled worldwide.

Men and women performing side by side. 

Women power -The Massed Military Ladies Band

Incomparable melodies

The Performers list was a veritable delight.Local as well as international bands and dance performers have come together and the result was a seamless integration of the best of the East and the West.

Some notables from Oman-The Royal Guard of Oman Military Bands, The Royal Army of Oman Band, The Royal Air Force of Oman Band, The Royal Navy of Oman band, The combined group of the Royal Cavalry and Camel Bands,The Royal Oman Police Band, The Aiyla Group of the First Royal Band for Music and Folklore.

The magnificent backdrop of the ROHM provides a perfect foil.

Some of the international Guest performers included John Innes, Manu Aute Productions of Wellington, The Lochel Drill Marching team, Scotdance International, and Elisha Gallivan.

National Dances of Scotland added grace and variety to the beautifully structured programme.

Maori performing the Haka

The brilliantly synchronised Drill marchers from New Zealand

Traditional Omani dancers perform with grace and vigour

As the event was to close, the inimitable sounds of 'Abide with me' came from somewhere on top. Looking up, we spotted a performer with his bugle and to his right, a tight close up revealed that there were more performers on top. It was just that we hadn't realised they were there as well- another testimony to the sheer detailing that went into making this fantastic evening!

A close up of the musicians positioned on top of the ROHM 

The Grand Finale where all the participants gather and the National Anthem of Oman is sung

The show came to an end and all the people left for the day but not before clicking their final shots.

Then slowly walked away with a smile on their faces as well as in their hearts.

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Shweta Dave said...

Looks like a fun evening. Nice pictures.