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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

An Evening Walk

The Gulf is somewhat different from many parts of the world, in terms of dress, weather, habits etc. But what essentially remains common is the habit of an evening walk. 
A Twilight walk
A Twilight Walk

Here we have a photograph of people taking their evening walk. I clicked this at the Beach Road, also called the New Corniche in Muscat over a year ago. 

What I find particularly interesting is the way the moon is positioned directly above the row of lamps. 

In essence this is simply an evening  walk by the sea.(The Gulf of Oman is on the left and not visible in the snapshot.) 

Just so that you can see what a stunning evening walk this makes for, I've added another photograph clicked from the opposite end, giving a clear perspective of the length, look and feel of this walk.

Does it get any better?

A time to let off the day's steam, catch up with friends, or just simply indulge in quiet solitude as the case may be. 

As far as I'm concerned, for me it's usually one of the three at any given point in time.

What about you folks?