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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Our very own Guardian Angels

A few days from now my mother, Satinder will be undergoing a major surgery and as I started thinking about all that it entails, I felt a rush of love and admiration well up inside me.

As always, whenever I speak to her on the phone or in person I can't help but marvel at her positive outlook and zest for life. Despite the fact that she has severe arthritis, spondylitis and numerous other health related concerns for the last many, many years, she is always smiling, always positive and always interested in what other people are involved with, their dreams,their  aspirations and forever ready to share her knowledge if the other person is positively inclined.

Reproduced below is a piece I'd written in Sep 2010 when Mummy was quite ill and very weak.


"I'm a firm believer in the fact that we all have 'Guardian angels' who watch over us and look after us.Sometimes even to the extent of helping us in choosing the right path  when things seem to be going terribly wrong or when we are in a state of confusion about the lines that can be drawn separating black from white, or then  the other way around...

(Image,  courtesy the internet)

But even more than me, its my mother who has particularly identified her personal guardian angel.

It's none other than her own mother Rajinder Kaur, or 'Mataji' as we fondly called her and who passed away almost nineteen years ago.Mummy has told me at least ten instances during the course of this period when Mataji has appeared in her dreams and told her exactly what she should do in order to resolve matters or deal with that particular quandry that she might have found herself in at that point in time.(and these are incidents or situations that she had not discussed with anyone, sometimes not even with my father.)

This evening I happened to call my parents after a gap of about a  week and learnt that Mummy had been down with the 'stomach viral' that seems to be going around in Delhi. It had been a tough three days  and extremely weakening to boot. Day before, she hadn't  even  been able to keep down a cup of tea, and that itself was her dilemma as tea is almost mandatory for her.

Then it happened ...during that time when she was in the nether regions of sleeping and waking. 

As she described it, I felt the hair rise up my arms for it was so very real.

And exactly as Mataji would have done.

Mummy says that she was sitting at the dining table of a large bungalow (Haveli) and that was when Mataji walked in.Sitting a little distance away from her at the table, she patted the seat next to her and said, "Beta you haven't even had a cup of tea the whole of yesterday. I really think that you should."

 And Mummy listened to her, immediately helping herself to the tea  that was all set up at that table itself.

Then the dream faded away and she was her own bedroom.

It was early morning and guess what she did next? 

Asked my father for a cup of tea and was actually able to drink it up peacefully. 

From then on, she got better through the day and today she has actually eaten her first meal at lunch, after a gap of almost four days.

So that's really what Guardian angels do.
Help us when we need it the most. "


And as I prepare myself mentally for the surgery next week, and know that Mummy is also preparing herself mentally as well as physically, I'm positive- 

Her very own guardian angel will be right there, looking out for  and protecting her.....