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Saturday, May 26, 2012

The window with a view

 Recently we spent some time in Himachal Pradesh in India. One place in particular is very high on our list of favourites, Mashobra. 

There were days filled with warmth and sunshine and then there were the cold, wet and windy days. 

And the rainy days were ones that I spent at my favourite spot at the window, watching the valley below. Hours when I could just relax and unwind for there seemed to be no rush to go anywhere. 

I could also indulge in my passion for photography and even though I've probably clicked this same spot and view below at least fifty times, I've no regrets.

For I've enjoyed myself thoroughly each time I've done so.

My Window With a View 

The view on a rainy day

So here they are, two of my current favourite shots- my window seat and the view that I looked at . Am fairly sure you will like them too!