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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Royal Equestrian and camel festival, 1/1/11

There are events and then there are some more events!
What we saw on the first day of New Year was truly the stuff that great memories are made of.  

The Royal Equestrian and camel festival, (1/1/11) held at the Wattayah stadium, showcased the best possible combinations of sound, light, music, spectacular animals and people.It was a three hour feast for the eyes and the ears and one that just kept on getting better and better.

While  we enjoyed every moment of that event thoroughly, what will forever stand out in our memory was when  His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said came into the arena. The tumultous roar that came from the crowd was  that indicator that told us more than any words or text possibly could that here was a ruler who was loved and admired by his people...those very same people who he has selflessly devoted his entire life to.

As we celebrate the 40th National day,here's wishing  'Mabrook' to all the people in the  Sultanate of Oman and many, many milestones to be reached ahead.....

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