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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Unsolved Mystery with the thought, will it ever be?

It was almost exactly two years ago that a bright young girl Aarushi Talwar, was found brutally murdered.

The fact that it happened to be in her own bed, at home was something that sent shock waves throughout India. What was even more surprising was that her parents, both doctors, had apparently slept throughout this whole period and only discovered the body the next morning.

A day later and their male servant Hemraj, was also found  murdered on their terrace.

Then the whole Media circus began and went on and on, rising to a crescendo, until one day, the police swooped down upon and arrested her father on suspicion of the crime!  Could things get any worse?

Well they did becauase he had to finally be released due to lack of any real evidence and subsequently, a trio of male servants around that very complex was rounded up and jailed.However, even with the numerous lie detector and truth serum induced tests, there was nothing that came through.

And so with the passage of time, things got foggier and foggier, until one day, they too were all released.

Where does that leave us all today? There is nothing that seems to have changed from that point onwards except tht Aarushi's mobile phone was discovered, but then again, what was revealed? Nothing that could make that vital difference.

It's been a really tragic saga, right from the day of the murder, then the botched up police invigations and silly media statements. Compounded by the fact that even the CBI who stepped in subsequently complained of the fact that crucial evidence seemed to have been lost/destroyed.

Will the truth ever really come out? Or there is that horrifying possibility...

Is it already known to a select few who have chosen to shroud it in darkness forever?

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