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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Lost Valley

" Where do you go to my lovely?" was that very old song in the 70s. It was one that I really liked and if I introspect, probably still do..
So if you look carefully at this pic, you might wonder where this path leads to?

Hmmm.. now that's an interesting thought, for much like that old song, this too has an intriguing story.
This is the path that leads from Tiwi to Wadi Shab( Oman)  and one that then leads people onwards to the most magnificient landscape that they could ever have imagined!

Walking down that tough and sometimes treacherous path, is an experience that few can accomplish.And about one hour later when one has finally done it, these are the true rewards..

Well worth all the corns and blisters, now, wouldn't you say? Shades of real life as we know it

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