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Monday, May 3, 2010

Kasab held guilty on all counts, while co-conspirators walk

26th and 27th of Nov are dates that no Indian anywhere in the world can forget.I too am one such and today as Kasab was held guilty on all counts brought against him,I relooked at what Id written on those two days.Here it is, unedited, in all its starkness..

"54 hours into the stand-off, and there is still no sign of the situation coming to an end.
And this, while the whole world watches in shock, horror and disbelief.

Reality TV like no-one really wants to see.Yet one is drawn to it, just as a moth is drawn towards the light...

For how can you not watch, when it is there?In all it's bitterly stark and grim format..
Maj Gen JK Dutt, Director Gen of the NSG has just gone into the Taj, and we can only hope that this will be the last battle, one that will finally bring things to a close..

Yet, the thought that is paramount, at what cost?Over 130 lives lost, scores injured, and the two major landmarks of Mumbai, the Oberoi Trident and the Taj brought to an unrecognizable state.

Who stands to gain? More importantly, are there really any 'Victors' in such a situation?
60 hours, 183 dead, and over 300 injured. The visible evidence of what has raged in Mumbai.

But what of that which is not visible, things that will remain under the surface and continue to smoulder...un-observed. Until a tiny spark will light up the fire, once more, perhaps?

Many questions raised, some answers provided. But the main one, as yet unanswered -How were 12 terrorists able to hold the whole of Mumbai to ransom, and where did all the ammunition come in from?

Someone....somewhere will have to provide these answers..Sooner, rather than later

3/5/10-Today's News
"Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, the Pakistani man captured during the three-day terrorist attack on Mumbai in November 2008, was found guilty by a special court Monday of all charges, including murder, criminal conspiracy and waging war against India. He could face the death penalty at his sentencing on Tuesday.

Special Judge M. L. Tahiliyani found Mr. Kasab guilty of all of the 86 charges levied against him. He can appeal to the Supreme Court; his defense counsel couldn't be reached to comment after the verdict.

"I am satisfied with the verdict for Kasab, but I am sad that the two accused Faheem Ansari and Sabauddin have been let off," public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam told reporters outside the court. He said he would recommend to the government that the acquittal of the two Indian nationals be challenged."

So now we have to wait till the sentence is pronounced on Tuesday.

Will it bring some element of closure to hundreds of people directly or indirectly impacted or will it go on interminably, with appeals in the Higher courts?

Time will indeed tell...but this visual to me..SAYS IT ALL

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