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Thursday, May 20, 2010

All for the desperate need to eat a Flame Grilled burger.....

Burger King is back in town, went the Buzzword, and I found my radar on a high alert...

Hmm, now that was a burger I could eat, was what my mind told me.or it was flame grilled, unlike all the others, which I know for a fact are deep fried.
So last evening was when I informed Avi that that was what it would be for dinner( Might I add,  after a giant meal eaten for Lunch at the Great Kabab Factory!?!)
So after a brisk walk, and some basic chores, we found ourselves at the Drive In for the Burgers.Where the qeue was about 50 cars long!

That was it, announced my husband.... for he just wasn't getting into that snaking line

Not to be detered, I persisted and it was then decided that we would park and go in, place the order and take it back home for a peaceful meal.

The time then was about 1030 pm.

Well, about 40 mins later we made it to the counter, where the order was placed for Flame Grilled Lite Burgers.

Just short of midnight we emerged from the Burger joing, triumphant.
For we had indeed managed to get our burgers!
So what if the project entailed a two hour schedule...

But I know now, that was the first...and the last time we would do it together..
And that from now on, I would have to find other "Burger King Company" ..or go it alone.

Not that I'm complaining. For that giant juicy biuger was all that I remembered it to be.
And then some:):)

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