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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wisdom from the wise- Thank you Amanda

So much to learn, every day of our lives.
As I did, just yesterday, from my friend Mary Ann's mother Amanda.

A classic example of an independent, alert and aware octagerianian, Mrs Amanda Tarnawski lives in a specially designed apartment block which is meant for older people. And looks at life exacatly the way she wants to.

Staying in touch with friends and family via e-mail, she loves to travel, visiting her children, in various countries . And speaks exactly what she believes in. Without mincing words.

What I found paraticularly amazing was when she very simply told us the story of her 88 year old critically ill sister, who told her to just up and go on this paraticular holiday. Without looking back , and without worrying what would happen to her in that interim..

So much so that she could actually tell us what her sister had told her."Even if I die, just don't come specially for that, but when your trip is actually over. "All of this said with such simplictity. I learnt what a great bond the two sisters have.

But more importantly the sheer acceptance of the 'possibility of death'.

Which will surely claim all of us one day...

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